Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blog update

The astute eye might catch a slight change in the layout and theme of the blog. Naturally, you may have some questions. Let me throw you a bone:

What was wrong with the old theme?

A few things. Mainly that the light on dark became increasingly difficult to read. I also decided that the old theme was extremely kitsch; whenever I'd visit the blog, I'd feel as though I'm on the personal webpage of the world's biggest asshole. Now, I realise that I may in fact be the world's biggest asshole, but I don't want to be reminded of it everytime I read my own blog.

Why the minimal look? Is it 1994 all over again?

A simple layout is quick to load, quick to render, and ultimately doesn't distract from the content (because I'll let nothing diminish my classy content!). Remember, designers: the medium is not the message, the message is the fucking message.

Why the big font?

Oh, come on. It's not that big! Besides, I have bad eyes and a monitor that's not tiny - 17" isn't exactly huge by today's standards, but it displays the site adequately.

Does this mean you'll be updating content more frequently?

Ha! Don't bet on it! Seriously though, I hope to... But no, really, don't bet on it.

What happened to the Eve Online ads?

I've stopped playing that game a long time ago, so I don't even know why I still had the ad up. Oh yeah, because I'm greedy. Well, the ad looked okay on the old layout, but it's ugly and distracting on Convergence 2.0, so I got rid of it. The only ads you'll find now are unintrusive Google text ads. Well, they're not that unintrusive, but you won't wake up one night to find them standing at the end of your bed or anything. Anyway, I still think EVE Online is a great game and I hope to get back into it when time permits.

What's with the Reddit links on the sidebar? I thought you were into Digg. Did you cross over to the dark side?

Actually, after joining Reddit about a year ago I realised that I had been on the dark side all along. I lost almost all interest in Digg and never looked back, so when Digg banned my account a few months ago for unknown reasons (read: trolling), I didn't even care. Like all of the cruft on the sidebar, the Reddit links may move or disappear altogether, so they may not even be there anymore when you read this.

Happy reading, and drop me a line if you need to.

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