Saturday, February 26, 2011

The legend of Jenga-henge

So a friend and I were bored the other day and played some Jenga. After what seemed like literally minutes, we got bored and gave up, at which point I completed construction on a monument that would make the Druids themselves weep: Jenga-henge.

Glorious Jenga-henge

May it stand for a thousand years!

 But as the legend foretells, the completion of this decadent monument angered the old gods! They sent in their most vicious monsters as retribution for this vulgar display of ego!

"What's this, then?"


Oh, the humanity!

A challenger appears...

Tag-team destruction.

Surveying the carnage.

Jenga-henge is no more.


May the legend of Jenga-henge live forever, and serve as a lesson to those consumed by hubris.

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Anonymous said...

Love it, dont mess with the gods :) (Phil)