Sunday, October 18, 2009

Feel your boobies

As you may or may not know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Even though it's good to be aware of the disease during the other eleven months too, it's easier to get attention for the cause - and assistance from selfish bloggers - when campaigning during only one.

This brings me to one of my favourite charities, Feel Your Boobies.  A non-profit organization that runs a campaign to remind women to, well, feel their boobies.  They claim that simply feeling yourself up is just as effective at identifying changes or lumps as a formal self-examination would be.

The informal tone of the campaign is meant to get the attention of younger women, who are also very much at risk (Feel Your Boobies founder Leigh Hurst was diagnosed at the age of 33.  Her cancer was initially identified through this form of informal auto-grope).

Check out the campaign's website, feel your boobies and remind your girlfriends to do the same (feel theirs, not yours... unless I'm invited and there's dip).

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Jack said...

You obviously know all about Leigh, but you may not know that she's in the running to be featured in a national TV commercial. Check out this 30 sec video -- -- about her 'aha moment' and vote for it (with one simple click), as the top vote-getters will be used as aha moment TV commercials next year. And more exposure and awareness is always a good thing. Perhaps you'd even consider doing a blog post about the video/contest? That would really help spread the word.

Voting ends Oct 31.

Thanks for your consideration,