Tuesday, July 01, 2008

About Cal

Log Line

A nerdy South African on the run from mediocrity uses his only weapon, the Internet, to save the world.

Longer version

Most blogs' "about" pages and other assorted vanity fluff are written in the third person, as it gives the blurb an air of faux-professionalism.  If you consider that the vast majority of these blurbs are written by the blog authors themselves, it does incite a chuckle.  Since I don't have my own publicist, I'll be swimming against the stream on this one...

My name is Cal Harding.  I am a South African, a nerd, and a pop-culture junkie, though not necessarily in that order.  I'm not one of those Weezer-listening wannabe geeks either, but someone who paid his dues getting beaten up in school back when reading comic books and programming computers were things which could get you beaten up.  I've worked in IT and also enjoy playing guitar, writing, amateur astronomy, and playing Go.

Of course, that isn't all I am, but it is mainly what I blog about: technology, geek-interest, movies, music and sundry, all from my own unique perspective.  If you like what you see, then subscribe and tell your friends and co-workers, if not... well, it's a big Web out there and you're free to move right along; I won't miss you.

Be sure to check out my contact page if you need to get in touch with me.